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HOUSE Hunting Trip (HHT)

Helpful details & reminder :  

*To get a Head start :
Send us your criteria of what type of home you will be looking for with as much detail as you can including: type of  neighborhood, public transport, distance from the base, schools, etc, also browse thru  http://www.realtor.ca  or www.centris.ca,  choose about 4 houses that could be what you would like , than send me the mls number. With all of this information we will be able to send you all the properties available (from all real estate company) to give you an idea of the market here in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, after we will send you only up date of the new listings.

*Once you'll find out your HHT dates let us know, our schedule will be important, time is the key.  You should have two list of houses the 1st one with your favourites around 5 or 6 and a backup list, so an average of  10 to 12 houses total.  

*You will use the services of professionals examples:
Inspector buildings, notary, mortgage broker, insurance broker etc ... I can provide you with a list, particularly those suppliers to the Brookfield Relocation Services (BGRS)  like us. We work with all these professionals, their bilingualism is important to ease your HHT.

*Bring with you the coordinates of your mortgage agent (name, e-mail, phone & fax) or ask us for suggestions

*If you want to meet with a mortgage broker when you are on your HHT  you will need the following:

Your posting message.
Two ID cards (with pictures)
A copy of your most recent pay slip showing deductions etc... (Statement of Contributions and federal tax report)
Proof of down payment: A copy of your current bank statement  or  statement showing your savings (RRSP, mutual funds etc...)
If the down payment is coming from the equity in your present home please bring a copy of your most recent mortgage statement. If your home has sold but the sale has not yet been closed bring a copy of the file (Contract, offers, amendments, lawyer coordinates etc...) If you have car loans, personal loans,  credit card balances etc... bring your statements showing your current balance  and all pertinent information. Same goes for your spouse. Bring your checkbook (most professional you will used billed directly to Relocation Services,  BGRS)

*Also if you are from outside Québec and have children of school ages bring their latest report card and birth certificate, schooling being different it will helpful .It's better to bring too much then missing something.

*You should bring your camera to take pictures of your future home (remember we will need the owners permission). Most of the houses for sale in Québec are sold rarely with the appliances. If you are taking your appliances with you or buying new ones  the measurements will be a must.

*Wear shoes or boots that are easy to slip on and off.

*If you need more information about St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, neighbourhoods, schools, sports center, pool, arena, day care etc…
Let us know.  We will be happy to provide you with all the details.
Also you can go to our webpage www.manondelisle.com and find a lot of information on our beautiful area and more.

*Same things if you want us to recommend you  a Hotel or motel